Nakshatra Based Daily Predictions

As an astrologer I don’t want to involve myself in giving generalised predictions on the website because predictions are native based things, and every individual has different planetary combinations not only in terms of placements of planets in different houses, Nakshatra and its pada, degree of the planets and above all dasha system and transit of planets. All needs to be clubbed together to arrive at a conclusive point. Therefore I prefer to give predictions to individual, still for benefit of my site visitors I explain silent points for Janam Tara based daily predictions.

Janma Navatara:

The birth constellation is called Janma Nakshatra and the Navatara chakra down is using the Moon’s constellation as starting point is called Janma Navatara Chakra.

Navatara nomenclature:

The nine stars are called (1) Janma (2) Sampat (3) Vipata (4) Ksema (5) Pratyari (6) Sadhaka (7) Vadha (8) Mitra and (9) Atimitra.

  • Janma means birth and refers to the self, wellbeing, life and everything that the mind must experience at a personal level or intelligence must act on. जन्मतारा : जन्मकेसमयमेंमौजूदजोखिम, जन्मप्रक्रियामेंखतरे, स्वास्थ्य, दिमागइत्यादिसेसम्बंधितखतरा।
  • Sampat means wealth and is derived from sampad, a samskrta word meaning to acquisition, possess, enjoy, benefit, advantage, grow and be a blessing. It gives excellence, glory, beauty and splendor. It brings good fortune, prosperity and riches. सम्पततारा : धनऔरसमृद्धि
  • Vipata means misfortune and calamity. It indicates all kind of troubles, obstacles and hindrances that lead to sorrow and suffering at the material level. विपत: खतरे, आपदाएं, दुर्घटनाएं, दुर्भाग्य
  • Ksema means residing, restoring and being at ease, comfortable, shows an overall prosperous disposition, free from disease (it is opposite of being at ease). It brings in spiritual bliss and final emancipation (moksa). It refers to the perfume of sandal. It shows something/ someone very secure and safe and being protected by Durga. क्षेमतारा : ठीकहै, शांति, शुभघटनाओं
  • Pratyari is derived from ‘ari’ meaning enemy and pratyari refers to the well matched enemy equal to the native in all respects and capable of inflicting terrible pain and suffering. प्रतियकतारा: बाधाएं और विफलताओं
  • Sadhaka refers to efficiency and skill introducing accomplishments and abilities. It indicates the productive and fruitive side of everything and brings supporters/ assistants. A Sadhaka is one who does sadhana to attain siddhi.साधकतारा : उपलब्धियां, सफलता, जीवन में वृद्धि, स्थिति में सुधार
  • Vadha means vanquisher or destroyer. It is killer nakshatra and is also called naidhana Tara. It refers to capital or corporeal punishment and includes slaughter, murder, destruction and death. It causes someone/ thing to disappear. It causes heat and shows defects and imperfections. It is a raksasa (demonical being).वधतारा : जीवन, मृत्यु, गंभीर बीमारियों, आपदाओं और दुर्भाग्य का खतरा
  • Mitra means friend and refers to close companions like spouse or an associate. Mitra is an aditya who solemnizes agreements and marriage vows or ties of any kind, including treaties. It brings about blood relationships and refers to all those who stand strong during battle and protect.मित्रतारा : चिंता से मित्रता, सहायता, समर्थन, खुशी और स्वतंत्रता
  • Atimitra shows a superlative form of ‘mitra’ where a spiritual bonding is expressed. It goes beyond normal human ties and is super human in its expression of love indicating something divine. For example, if mitra brings glory then atimitra is crowning glory.आदी-मित्रतारा : अंतरंगदोस्तीयारिश्ते, खुशी की महान भावना, आसानी से जीवन जीना, आरामदायक और आराम से रहना।