With the blessings of Almighty MAHADEV, MATA PARVATI, Bhagwan Shree Ganesh I was able to learn and understand the Astrology, Thats why my First Namskar to Bhagwan Shree Ganesh ko. Doosra Namskar Mata Parvatiko. My Third Namskar is reserved for HAR HAR MAHADEV, BHAGWAN SHIVJI.

Without the blessings of Bhagwan Kartikeya this astrology is incomplete & could not have travel to this stage, thats why my Namskar to Bhagwan Kartikeya.

My Family traditions and religioous activities Dada Panju Mandir, Kul Devi- Sheetal Mata, Mata Durga Devi, Jai Santoshi Mata, Shri Laksmi Nayaran, Meri Shradha towards Bhagwan Shree Ram aur Shree Hanuman have brought me from pure technical field of engineering education to Astrology. Thats why I should not forget ever what responsiblities lies with me throught the blessing of Almighty GODDESS, GOD & ANCESTORS.

Smt Suhkdei & Shri Bhagwan Singh(Dadi ji & Dada Ji)

Smt Ghano Devi & Shri Hari Ram(Nani ji & Nana Ji)

To all Rishis, Gurus, Astro Friends and My Teachers who have contributed towards my learning I pay my humble gratitute. I want to thank all my family members who had been my side like a pilliar during the most diificult period. No word is sufficient to explain the role of my dear parents Smt Kamla Devi & Sh Dharmbir Singh Hooda.

My ackowledgement cannot be concluded without thanking my mother in law Smt Raja Bala, Life advisor Sh Vinod Kumar Bansal and Chartered Accountant Sh Lalit Bhandari who have been always there for me.